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Parent-Child Activities


Parent interaction with their children is important to their development.  Here is a list of some fun, educational activities that you and your child can do together:

Learning to Sort Objects
Have him or her sort the clean forks, spoons before putting them away.  Help him or her match clean socks in pairs before putting them away.    

Learning by Cooking Together
Cook or bake something special with your preschool child.  Have him or her help with measuring, counting, and mixing the ingredients.

Preschool Treasure Hunt
Hide ten small objects, such as blocks, or toy cars, around the house. Send your child on a treasure hunt to see if he or she can find them.

Learning the concept of "Beginning, Middle and End"
Enjoy a favorite story together.  After reading the story, ask your child to tell one thing about the beginning, one thing about the middle, and one thing about the ending of the story.

Repeat a Pattern
On a large sheet of paper, parents draw a pattern of dots and dashes. (Example:  ...---..) Ask your  preschool child to study the pattern. Remove the paper and ask him or her to draw the same pattern from memory.

Preschool Story Time
Before reading a story to your child, let him or her "read" the pictures to you.  Then, you read the story and find out how close your child's story was to the actual story.

Winter Reading
Parents, ask your preschool child to choose a book about winter for you to read.  Explain to him or her that some places have cold weather and snow in the winter while other places are sunny and warm in the winter. After reading the story, together act out the story.  Take turns, with your youngster, playing different roles.




Bookworm Form - English


Bookworm Form - Spanish