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Bi-national Migrant Education Program

The mission of the Bi-national Program is to facilitate sustained educational services for bi-national (U.S. and Mexico) migrant students by advocating for these students and conducting effective activities that promote academic student success.


The Teacher Exchange Program consists of two components.  The first is central to the professional development of teachers in Migrant Education Programs in the U.S. and provides teachers with an opportunity to travel to Mexico; become sensitized to the education, culture, and language of the bi-national migrant; and be able to more appropriately teach bi-national migrant students in their classroom.  In the second component, teachers travel from Mexico and are placed in schools with significant numbers of bi-national migrant students or in areas where few bilingual teachers are available to work with the bi-national migrant students.

The program fosters Mexico's history, culture, values, traditions to Mexican and Mexican-American children and youth in the United States.  The State of Nebraska hosts approximately 20 teachers from Mexico each year during the operation of summer school session.